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Data Mastery partner with NextOre to take their award winning product to the next level with real-time data analytics on Azure Databricks. 

100% Automation

30-60 minutes of manual data ingestion and transformation eliminated per shift

Real-time Anaytics

8 Hour time delay for site data reporting eliminated



Clients can compare performance across multiple sites and sorting lines.

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"The real time analytics and scalable data platform solution Data Mastery deployed for NextOre means we can now scale up our business and offer our clients an efficient end-to-end solution for all their sorting line reporting. Data Mastery has done an outstanding job in delivering the output and provided great service."
Chris Beal, Chief Executive Officer

NextOre was formed in 2017 and brings together technical and commercial expertise to guide companies through all stages of sorting implementation – from technical and economic studies through to detailed materials handling design and installation.

NextOre are global award winners for their innovative ore sorting solution that uses Magnetic Resonance (MR) to measure ore grade in real time. NextOre’s solution works at high speed and large tonnages of up to 5000 tonnes per hour and measures all of the ore material with high accuracy.  

NextOre selected DataMastery as their partner to design and implement an operationally effective and efficient solution that would ensure sustainable, scalable data ingestion and deliver a truly transformational process capable of meeting NextOre local and global growth strategy.

Key Challenge: The product technology performance was outstanding, however the data collection and transformation process was manual, labour intensive and inefficient, and there was no option for scalability across multiple sorting lines.


  • Ingestion and transformation of high velocity, high volume IoT data.

  • Real time and historical data analysis and reporting.

  • Scalable data platform for clients that can ingest, store and transform vast volumes of operational data in a cost-effective and efficient way.

  • Option to consolidate siloed data across multiple shifts, sorting lines and sites for data analysis and reporting.

  • Capability to track machine operation KPI’s such as operating hours, downtime, breakdowns, maintenance downtime and frequency.

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SOLUTION: IoT Real Time Analytics and scalable data platform

TECHNOLOGY: Databricks AutoLoader, DeltaLake, Azure IoT Hub

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Solution: IoT real-time reporting and analytics using Databricks Autoloader and Azure IoT Hub, and a scalable Azure Databricks data platform.


  • Real-time data analytics and visibility of production to key stakeholders, improving communication and enabling on shift decision making rather than retrospective analysis

  • A scalable data platform and operational Databricks delta lake capable of efficiently ingesting and storing data and allowing self-service analytics for the client both on and off-site. 

  • Power BI dashboard reporting capability.

  • Functionality for recording incidents such as breakdowns with tracking on parameters such as continuous hours of operation, maintenance frequency and duration.  

Key Outcomes for NextOre

  • 100% elimination of manual data processing saving 30-60 minutes per shift.

  • Real time visibility of site operations and performance rather than retrospective analysis after each shift enabling faster informed decision making.

  • Improved site efficiency as ore grades can be tracked throughout the shift, low grade material discarded or reallocated earlier in the process reducing time and resources spent on low grade material, increasing the processing of higher grade material.

  • Improved client offering and satisfaction through a scalable data solution where clients with multiple sorting lines and sites can automatically amalgamate all data into one customisable report. 

  • Improved visibility and connectivity of on site operators and off site staff. 

  • Improved product improvement opportunities for Next Ore. This is still a relatively new product to the market so providing NextOre opportunities for product improvements and recommendations for maintenance and hours of operation was key for their continued success. 

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